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How We Do It

For each support, gift or donation you make, you receive an in-depth project report detailing the technology used, location of the effort, the number of people it serves and photographs of the processes and completed water project.

Our Vision

World For Life envisions a loving, caring and secure family environment where all children’s needs from education, healthcare, shelter and food are met.

Our Mission

To support vulnerable children and girls with their families achieve their full potential through creating supportive environment that upholds their rights to survival, development, protection and participation to make responsible and productive contributing members in the community.

Our Values

We execute our duties in respectful fear of our God and fundamentally do only what is acceptable under our Christian principles.
We are ever honest, transparent and do abide by very strong moral principles. We in addition, willingly accept our responsibility and willingly execute it with commitment.
We demonstrate awareness and consider the wellbeing of others.
We put all our heart and soul into whatever we do, giving it 100%! We also believe in supporting one another in the execution of our mission.
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