About Us

Who We Are

World For Life was founded through collaboration of passionate individuals that strive to make a difference in Africa.

World for Life is a Christian youth led, nonprofit community-based organization that strives to empower and improve the socio-economic status of the  vulnerable children and girls with their families through grass-root activities, entrepreneurship, mentorship, provision of education, health services and sports.

World for Life not only advocates for the disadvantaged groups, but ensures the use of participatory techniques/approaches in all our operations.

For example, project participants are actively involved during project planning and implementation; some are trained as peer educators and also contribute in decision making regarding specific programs.

We build capacity for communities to be gainfully involved in their community development before, during and after project development. This ensures a sustainable, positive change at the community level.

How We Work

We work on the basis that through collaboration, we can achieve better results. Through consultation with local stakeholders, civil society and non-governmental organizations, we ensure local ownership of all our programs, sharing of best practices and constant learning and improvement at project- and organizational- levels.

Our Vision

WORLD FOR LIFE envisions a loving, caring and secure family environment where all children’s right and needs for education, healthcare, shelter and food are met.

Our Mission

To support vulnerable children and their families achieve their full potential in social, religious, cultural and economic wellbeing through creating a supportive environment of emotional, financial and social support that upholds their rights to survival, development, protection and participation to make responsible and productive members in the community.

Our Values

world for life executes its duties in respectful fear of our God and fundamentally do only what is acceptable under our Christian principles

As an organization relating with community empowerment, World For Life demonstrates strong moral virtues, transparency and ethical values so as to be the exemplary force of change within the community, and we uphold moral principles, to willingly accept our responsibilities and execute them with commitment.

world for life being a Christian youth led organization impacting communities demonstrates awareness and considers the wellbeing of others.
we put all our heart and soul into whatever we do, giving it 100%! We also believe in supporting one another in the execution of our mission.


You are heroes. As a sponsor, discover how you can support, give you or get involved in our activities. You can donate resources, sponsor a child, help us provide sustainable clean water, volunteer with us, or start a fundraiser.

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